South Pole Calderas Fool Global Warming Cabal

by on 14/08/17 at 9:13 am

Mount Eurebus might hide something besides ice pack..Like a massive pool of lava!

Mount Eurebus might hide something besides ice pack…Like a massive pool of lava that pushes toward the surface in spectacular eruptions.

Antarctica – (

Climate Change hot air suffered yet another blow this weekend following the publication of the Western Antarctic Research Base report about volcanic eruptions under the Ross Ice Shelf.

“We’re talking 40 years of meticulous data,” survey author Professor Einstein Flintstone told SatireWorld reporters, “throwing up the existence of myriad submarine super-volcanoes…

“All spewing boiling lava plumes to melt the four-mile thick icepack.”

The report, the latest in a series debunking fashionable meteorological scare scenarios, has sent seismic shockwaves among Project Fear peddlers whose staunch denial of sub-glacial caldera activity “includes blaming warming ocean floor currents on cheap automobile gasoline,” Prof Flintstone tut-tutted.

And gastric methane from bovine farming if Climate Change Vegans are to be believed.

The report’s findings will be up for discussion at next week’s session of the UN Climate Change Panel that’s lobbying for new multi-billion dollar oil industry shakedowns to finance yet more Paris Agreement bollox.

Including millions of dollars of delegates’ first class air travel, limousine hire and gasoline mileage.

The Exxon Mobil share price has jumped 25 cents.

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  1. Bargis

    Aug 14th, 2017

    Good one! More toxic fumes from a volcano that all auto emissions in the US!

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