Study Finds Some Girls Are Boy Crazy Even as Toddlers

by on 03/09/18 at 7:29 am

Kids will generally outsmart you just from their innocence and honesty.

Kids will generally outsmart you just from their innocence and honesty.

While several leftists social scientists and thinkers are trying to tell us that we imprint gender identities on children as they grow up, others are finding that the traditional gender roles are already present in toddlers.

They point to children placed in a room with a group of toys.  The boys, who may never have played with a toy car or truck before, will grab it, begin pushing it forward, and making “vroom vroom” engine sounds even before they can speak.  The girls will quickly find the baby doll toy and hold the baby bottle in its mouth to feed it.

The boys and girls also tend to separate and play together by gender, even without someone having to tell them “boys over here, girls over there.”  Girls, however, will follow the boys around much more than the boys will follow little girls.  Some of the female toddlers can even be described as “boy crazy” when it comes to the males.

One test subject, a little girl with red hair about 15 months old, was placed into a sandbox with another girl (slightly older).  The two played happily together and enjoyed themselves.  When a little boy was placed on a slide, the little girl wanted to slide also.  Take the little boy out of the park, and she was happily playing with her friend.   Another girl was brought into the park and placed on the slide and she did not react.  When another little boy was brought in and put on the swings, she wanted to swing.  There was no reaction from her when other little girls were put on the swings.

Additionally, when the little boys were added to the park, she attempted to look at her reflection in the toys that she had, rubbed the dirty off of her clothes, and straightened her clothes, smiled, and threw out her chest as the walked to the little boys.  She walked once or twice around the boys, never saying a word or acknowledging them until they noticed her first.  The girl paid the most attention to the boys who offered her their sippy cups or who had the biggest Tonka trucks.

These findings were replicated by most of the girls.  Boys in the experiment, however, did not react the same unless the girls were given popsicles and they were not.  In those cases, they went to the girls and either tried to take them away or pointed and cried.

While researchers concluded that this proves that gender identities are more based on nature than nurture, the more new age, leftist sociologists feel that the study just used slutty little girls.

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