Maxine Waters Fails Hearing Test

by on 16/09/18 at 1:20 pm

Common sense........In one ear and out the other.

Common sense……..In one ear and out the other.

Well, it appears Maxine has some orifice problems...

Well, it appears Maxine has some orifice problems…

Los Angeles, CA – (

California Democrat Maxine Waters became flustered at a recent rally where she called for ‘impeachment’ but couldn’t hear her own words. Afterward, close confidants and aides suggested that the 78 year old congresswoman get her hearing tested.

According to associate Mildred Adams-Crane, “the Congresswoman would be eligible for ‘free hearing aides’ under the exclusive terms of the special healthcare plan that’s just for members of Congress.”

Understanding that it’s ‘free’ prompted Waters to get an audio test at a local Miracle Ear store in Burbank, but the results were inconclusive and the loss of hearing was attributed to lack of brain matter.

Audiologist Myron Petty commented that her brain matter probably dried up and was passed out through one or both ears during the summers Santa Ana wind events that plagued California.

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