Booger Flinging Recognized As Olympic Sport In Time For The 2012 Olympics

by on 20/01/11 at 4:29 pm

Helsinki, Finland -(

The relatively new international sport of Booger Flinging was recognized by the IOC today and will be included in the London 2012 Olympics as a fully international sport open to competition by IOC recognized professional teams.

Booger Flinging will be highlighted as an up and coming sport according to officials with its own set of stringent rules and regulations in a series of online and media advertizing hoping to promote participation by pickers around the globe.

“Contestants will be able to dig deeper than before and really pick the snot ball of their choice for the first time,” said Bell Faust, Director General of Intermural sports located in the host city Rio, in Brazil.

Once considered a sport of the ill-mannered, booger flinging caught on in the late 1990s when a shortage of soccer balls caused the sports-minded to seek other avenues of competition and play. Perhaps the greatest venue for ‘flinging’ (as it’s come to be more commonly called) was in Belfast, North Ireland at the Tallywackers Pub where a rowdy group of construction workers nailed a 10 pound booger to the Pub’s ceiling beams. The massive booger was retrieved from the ultra-wide nostrils of fellow worker Paddy McQuire who worked a double shift as a broom sweeper for a cleaning company that specialized in cleaning fertilizer silos. Today, a simple brass sign commemorates the feat and challenges anyone to beat the feat in exchange for a free pint.

The new IOC ‘flinging’ rules will now allow:

-Companion picking, allowing a coach to help select the best sizend shape.
-Boogers over 1 kilo in weight.
-Best overall female booger picker/shooter.
-Stickability on a wet surface while being inverted.
-Additional points for any booger flung over 75 meters and with-in the target 10 ring.
-Boogers flung without the use of hands using nostril blasts only.
-Boogers that have ‘special or significant meaning’ such as religious imagery, hidden images, or political connection.
-Rapid fire boogers that can be picked and flung in as little as 10 seconds.
-A special section where handicapped contestants can use a prosthesis picker/flinger, or have a helper pick and fling for them.
-All points and judges decisions will be final.

For additional information about qualifying for this new IOC sanctioned sport contact 1-888-YOU-PICK

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