Even Obama Can’t Stop the Sox as They Take World Series!

by on 31/10/13 at 8:44 am

Funny he travels to Boston, the once cradle of liberty

Funny he travels to Boston, the once cradle of liberty

Boston, MA- (SatireWorld.com)

Despite President Obama’s attempt to steal the spotlight from the resurrected Boston Red Sox by staging a combination fund raiser and pep talk for the ill fated Obamacare (Nightmare in Copley Square), the Sox refused to be overshadowed this night as they won the World Series in ‘6!’

Trying to emphasis that it was ‘all about ME”, Obama’s chief of staff Valerie Jarrett purposely scheduled a Jewish fund raiser for Barry in Westin, the rich suburb, after writing off the trip to taxpayers when he also showed up elsewhere to promote ‘ObamoScare”, a combination of incompetency incorporating all the laugh lines of AMTRAK, the US Postal Service, your local DMV, the Chevy Volt, Fisker exploding batteries, and the Dept. of the Treasury who had to destroy several runs of the new Benjamins until they finally got it right. Did I mention the
entire run of Michelle Obama Obesity Stamps that had to be scrapped because illustrations were found to be promoting unsafe activities for kids? (One showed 2 gay men on a playground
having sex without a condom!)

As it was Obama’s security caused Mayor ‘Mumbles” Menino to urge employers to send everyone home at 4pm, half the city was shut down locking workers in offices, and isolating Fenway Park business to lose a projected $6M in income, while commuters fumed in gridlock in the city’s potholed freeways and leaking tunnels where the Coast Guard was called out
to rescue at least 12 souls trapped in their Lexus SUV’s as the water began to rise in the Ted Williams tunnel.

Luckily for the sold out Fenway Park of 39,000 fans, cooler heads prevailed after Jarrett attempted to pressure the Sox to have Obama throw out the first ball after addressing the crowd by lip syncing his same old song of transparency, racism, bomb throwers, anarchists and having ‘bent over backwards’ to save mom , apple pie and SNAP cards from conservatives.

The last time he tried to throw a ball from the mound even Barney Frank and Chaz Bono commented that ‘he throws like a fag…or someone in transition!”

All the Sox did this year was to go from last place in 2012 with over 90 losses, to being tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the most wins in the majors.

They did it by getting rid of an incompetent manager who created nothing but strife and division on the team, and cutting deficit spending by trading off over $250M in salaries through 2018 and replacing them with 7 blue collar workers at $150M less.

To get there in the post season all they did was triumph over the Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, and finally the Cards who had at least 9 of the best throwing arms serving up pitches from the mound, not to mention a host of flame throwing relievers.

As the President has yet to learn, or admit, turn over a small business, or industry to
folks with an old fashioned work ethic and you’ll turn around the project for one simple reason’
they worked to turn things around and the bottom line is then “THEY EARNED IT!”

If you can take one thing away from this year’s MLB season it’s that “Boston Strong”
“Obama Weak.”

As SW’s scouting report revealed before the draft in 2007-08, “Obama bats left, can’t run the bases without tripping on his (d***) feet, can’t field (a question), and has a weak throwing arm but is adept at stealing OPM (other people’s money)…good Trash Talker, but hides when confronted with facts!”

Obama did find time after the fund raising buffet ($16k-64K…all you can eat) to stop by and see his Aunty Zulu (sic) in her taxpayer funded digs, and also to visit Uncle Omar as he was completing his shift at a local liquor store noted for exchanging EBT money for six packs of Colt .45.

No word yet from the Jewish community if Obama gave a shout out to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston Bomber awaiting a commutation of sentence from Hussein.

No confirmation yet on the club house vote to determine if the team will go to DC for a ceremony with Obama, “who doesn’t know Jack’ or to Texas to meet George Bush who knows baseball!

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Oct 31st, 2013

    How about them Redsocks!!

    Obama who?

  2. captain america

    Oct 31st, 2013

    …..meet me in Camden Yards next year!

    Great season ….!

    They deserve it…

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