Black Man Beaten By White Cop in Broad Daylight in NYC

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The crowd thought the whjite policeman was taking advantage of little who bragged that he's eaten lead paint chips since the age of 4.

The mostly colored crowd thought the white policeman was taking unfair advantage of little Reginald Douglas and were ready with bricks and molotov cocktails. Douglas once bragged that he’s eaten lead paint chips since the age of four and claims it has improved his chess playing skills.


Reginald Douglas was soundly beaten in broad daylight by a police officer in New York City today. The beating was captured on video by numerous bystanders who did nothing to help the hapless man. Officer Brad Simpson administered the beating while his partner looked on. No backup was needed for the incident.

Douglas, 39, had set up a chess board at the corner of W. 50th St. and 7th Ave. and the police officers accepted his challenge of a quick game. Things started badly for Douglas as his Bishop was blocked early in the game. At one point, after Officer Simpson employed a blockade move, Douglass threw his hands up in the air in surprise. The two continued to spar as a bigger crowd gathered around the scene.

Douglas pulled out a Fork and used his Knight to attack on several fronts but Simpson countered with positional play to counter the attacks. Douglas paused at one point and called for an adjournment, saying he couldn’t breathe, being so caught off guard by Simpson’s tactics. Moments later, Douglas regained his composure and the game continued.

Officer Simpson had to pull out his handcuffs at one point when Douglas violated the Touch and Move Law by putting his hand on a piece then removing it without moving the piece. A hush fell over the crowd until Simpson put his cuffs down. Douglas got off with a warning.

Finally, after an hour and a half, Douglas, realizing he’d been beaten, offered his handshake and said, “I resign.” The two men shook hands and agreed to a rematch at the same spot next Tuesday.

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