Obama Invites Seahawks Coach to White House for Lessons on Taking Responsibility

by on 03/02/15 at 5:51 am

Severe Earthquake Damages.... Washington, DC's recent earthquake damages were blamed on the 'Bush's Fault Line.'

Severe Earthquake Damages….
Washington, DC’s recent earthquake damages were blamed on the ‘Bush’s Fault Line.’

WASHINGTON D.C. – (satireworld.com)

Just hours after the end of the Super Bowl, President Obama sent an invitation to Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, asking Carroll to come to the White House later this month to help the President understand what it is like to take responsibility for a bad decision. Coach Carroll has accepted the invitation.

“It’s amazing to me,” said President Obama, “He’s got an offensive coordinator to blame, he could blame his quarterback, or something completely out of the picture, like a video, anything just to take the spotlight off of himself, but yet he chooses to accept the blame for a bad call he made. I don’t get it. That just seems so foreign to me.”

Coach Carroll has accepted blame for the terrible call that probably cost his Seattle Seahawks the Super Bowl win. He approved a pass play from the one yard-line instead of giving the ball to his beast of a running back, Marshawn Lynch. He said the blame rests solely on him and he takes full responsibility for it.

Carroll will travel to the White House to try to impart to the President that when you are the leader of a team, an organization, or a country, important decisions that are made by you are your decisions to own and nobody else should take the blame for your mistake. Carroll said, “The mature thing to do is to take responsibility for your decisions, even the boneheaded, stupid-ass, what-the-hell-were-you-thinking bad ones that will haunt your grandkids and their children’s children.”

No one is holding out hope that the trip will do the President any good. Known in his own mind as “the smartest guy in any room he’s in,” the President is pretty comfortable with his habit of blaming someone or something else for anything that goes wrong during his presidency.

“I look at Coach Carroll as an anomaly,” Obama said. “I mean, the roof of the stadium was open, he could have blamed global warming. He was playing the “Patriots,” he could have blamed the Tea Party. He was playing in John McCain’s home state, he could have blamed Republicans. And you know, if all of those reasons didn’t feel right, you can ALWAYS blame Bush! Why he chose not to use any of those perfectly good excuses is beyond me.”

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  1. Bargis

    Feb 3rd, 2015

    great one!

  2. Walter Bucket

    Feb 3rd, 2015

    Yeah, it was George Bush fault. He could have streaked across the field and distracted everyone to delay play until Seahawks coach came to his senses.

  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Feb 3rd, 2015

    EW: Great story, you hammered Barack Obama the presidential pretender!

  4. E. Williams

    Feb 3rd, 2015

    Thanks guys. As a Seahawks fan, it helped me work through the pain of the loss while still taking shots at the wuss in the White House.

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