Tom Brady Deletes Entire NFL Database, Wipes Server Clean

by on 10/05/15 at 11:55 am

Commissioner Goodall's secretary Rita Morgan was shocked after Googling  ' Deflated Balls' and actually saw a photo of Brady's balls in a locker room photo from 2008.

Commissioner Roger Goodall’s secretary Rita Morgan was shocked after Googling ‘Deflated Balls’ and actually finding a photo of Brady’s balls being treated by team physician Dr. Alex Wagonner in a locker room photo from 2008.


Just days after the NFL announced their findings from a preliminary investigation into whether or not New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady had ball boys intentionally let the air out of his footballs to give him an advantage in games, word has surfaced that Mr. Brady has indeed deleted all files related to the investigation. With the aid of an anonymous computer hacker, Mr. Brady was able to penetrate the NFL’s firewall and destroy the league’s evidence.

Since the files had to do with mainly his own actions, whether he was the one who issued the deflation order, Mr. Brady considered the files to be personal in nature and, thus, he alone had the right to decide whether the files should be saved or not. In addition, Brady’s attorney has also informed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that Brady went ahead and wiped the NFL’s server clean. Mr. Goodell was reportedly pissed at Brady because the server contained information about his daughter’s upcoming wedding, as well as his yoga routines.

“Tom had no right to be the judge and jury as to what files should or should not have been deleted. This smacks of him trying to cover his ass with regard to Deflate-Gate. Whether he did anything wrong or not he’s now given everybody the appearance of guilt, and that doesn’t ever go away,” Goodell said. “We’ll have some forensics experts look at the server to see if anything can be retrieved or not.”

Mr. Brady’s troubles are far from over though. The Tom Brady Foundation has come under fire for taking donations in the millions that may have been payed in exchange for Brady passing the ball to, or handing the ball off to, certain receivers or running backs. A ‘pay for play’ scheme, if you will. The recently released book, “Brady Stash” has shed light on the scandal. That investigation is ongoing.

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