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Brit Writer Celebrates ‘Kiss Mark’s Ass Day’ By Wearing Nice Lipstick, Butt Forgets Nose Wipes!

Lambcaster, England – ( Rejection can be a hard thing for a person to accept. The resulting loss of friends, or family, a job, or even artistic self-esteem. In one British writer’s case it should really be the loss of his own self-respect. Mainly because of his rejection by being banned from playing with his […]

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Man Invents Self-Banning Computer Software! (viewer discretion advised)

Lancaster, England – ( In the ever changing world of science and technology amazing marvels find their way into the desktop computers of millions of consumers. Often before much of the technology is proven or actually fully developed to its greatest potential. A Lancaster man possible upped the ante by developing a software system that […]

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Spoof Site Ransacked During British Riots

Lancaster, England – ( The corporate site of the popular online website, the Spoof, was ransacked during the recent civil unrest that plagued numerous cities throughout England. The damages were described as extensive and appear to be revenge motivated, claims Mark Lowton, a senior partner for the firm.

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