Ex-Boyfriend Claims Pippa Middleton Looks Terrible Naked

by on 30/04/11 at 11:37 am

A nude cheerleader scares the daylights out of ex-boyfriend Smithe-Charles (center) and his teammates during practice

London, England – (SatireWorld.com)

After the wedding fame of a gorgeous young woman attending an equally gorgeous sister up the isle at the Royal Wedding, sources say it’s not as it appears. It seems soccer player and ex-boyfriend Liam Smithe-Charles dropped his soccer ball long enough to tell team mates that his ex-girlfriend Pippa Middleton looks horrible without clothes on.

He spoke of a time three months ago when she walked around the apartment completely naked with the drapes open and no one looked inside even though it was on the ground floor on a busy street.

To validate his claim, Smithe-Charles pulled out a stack of explicit nude photos that substantiated his claims and then showed them to his fellow soccer team mates. In fact, he let them keep most of them.

Middleton retaliated by posting nude, online photos of Smithe-Charles, with a superimposed ruler next to a very shrunked private part.

The photo looked doctored says a team mate.

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