Wedding Guest With X-Ray Vision Glasses Arrested After Compaint From Pippa Middleton

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Montbatten was a pain in the ass with his staffers while they worked at his London brokerage house.

Westminster Abbey, London – (

During the procession of bride Kate Middleton, Baron Ilford Montbatten was quietly escorted from the main gallery of Westminster Abbey after a complaint was lodged against him with the Metropolitan Police. The complaint was signaled to officers by Pippa Middleton, the bride’s sister and Maid of Honor. Pippa said she observed Montbatten powering up his x-ray vision glasses as she passed holding her sister’s bridal train in full view of spectators.

Montabatten, age 75, was detained for a few minutes by two burly policemen and his x-ray glasses confiscated, but were returned at the end of the ceremony. Montabatten says he uses them all the time when in London, and the sight of such pretty women caused him to slip them on as a means of checking out the latest underwear fashions worn by ‘those pretty young things.’

He also related to the officers that many in the church didn’t have underwear on at all and were in fact, going commando. He suggested the police try them out and see for themselves. Both officers Canterwald and Logan tried the glasses on and collaborated Montbatten’s statement.

Later, at the official Buckingham Palace dinner, Prince Phillip also tried the glasses an and was surprised that his wife, the Queen of England, was ‘going commando’ too. The glasses, and a much chagrined Baron Montbatten, were sent to the Tower of London.

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  1. Jalapenoman

    May 1st, 2011

    Let Barney Frank borrow the glasses and he would have checked out Elton John, Harry, Pippa’s brother, and the ring bearer boy.

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