This Is Not Me!

by on 25/10/11 at 8:50 am

THIS IS NOT ME! This total freak (center) has nothing to do with this story, but is an example of the type of writers who populate my site…I apology for the appearance of this demented looking weirdo who’s been banned from providing child daycare facilities

Lancaster (UK) – (

A rather two faced (and very spotty faced) poorly paid council house dweller masquerading as the editor of a very derogatory, malicious and rather tedious little website, know as The has finally admitted he likes nothing more than stirring up trouble among writers and contributors to his site. If any protest they get banned from the site immediately.

He has also admitted that he has no loyalty to any writers, that he makes his money (which is not declared to the Inland Revenue) from Google advertising, which of course, he doesn’t share a penny with his loyal contributors. In reality he sees his contributors as nothing more than his little puppets earning ‘points’.

This man is NOT me. I have no identity crisis.

Over the years this power mad, egotistical freak has seen contributors come and go. Somewhere, there is a long list of former contributors who simply gave up writing for this moron. Inevitably, his current crop of contributors will eventually be replaced by others as they realize that they are simply wasting their time, that no one actually reads their contributions and they are not going to be discovered as comedy greats.

They will become bored of just discussing their efforts with the same 8 people. The only 8 people who ever post in the heavily censored Spoof forums.

The man (who is not me) likes to ban and delete contributors on a whim. He has serious issues with leadership and control. He is a sick individual (and I am not talking about him sticking his recorder up his arse while singing in the church choir, while that is sick, it has now become accepted by his friends as one of his ´habits´) who has simply no idea or any control of the monster he has created.

As such, the editor, this fool, this boy of limited common sense, loyalty, discretion and any form of qualification, either comedic or editorial has found solace in writing for a far better site. Where egos count for nothing, where there is no in-fighting or cliques, where freedom to write and make comment is not censored.

He,on the other hand, likes to write about toasted cheese sandwiches and soap operas. He feels liberated away from his contributors who have hijacked his own site in a coup that he could have prevented, but ala, as he has no balls, he did not.

At least here I can write freely, admit my flaws while pretending I am not writing about me, which, erm, I am not.

I am sorry, but I offer no apology to my former writers for discarding them. I shall, eventually, do the same to my current crop of writers, eventually, it is only a matter of time.

Onwards and upwards eh, just saying……

3 Responses to “This Is Not Me!”

  1. The Pimpernell

    Oct 26th, 2011

    Who excatly is that in the Santa suit?

    He looks like a total retarded moron, I have to say, is he a writer on the Spoof?

    Let me guess, either armfeetandtoe, elliss ian fields, pixnit or churchmouse? Has to be one of them, his face fits.

    Anyway, not much happening over at the site where only 10 writers congregate.

    Dr Billingsgate is by far the most talented and funniest poster over there.

    Same old same old, back slapping and usual suspects talking drivel.

    • Bargis

      Oct 26th, 2011

      The Santa guy looks like a retarded child molestor. I’d keep him away from young tots for sure.

  2. Mark Lowton

    Oct 26th, 2011

    Stop! Stop! You’re cracking me up! Too funny! This site is hilarious, my do I miss funny stories. All I get are douchebags and faggots on my site!

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