World’s Biggest Baby Has Temper Tantrum….Again!

by on 13/12/11 at 6:38 am

West Sussex (UK) – (
Somewhere in ArmFeetandToe Land…….

Gary Hoadley, officially dubbed as the ‘World’s Biggest Cry Baby, has once again resigned from the once popular spoofing website….The
By Gary’s own admission, this resignation makes it his 17th self initiated on-line resignation in the last three months. “This time it’s for good. Me mates are ignoring me! I hate that! I hate all of them too!”

It started a few weeks ago when Gary missed the mandated ‘pub crawl and meet-up’ with the rest of the Spoof’s leading Cabal members. The annual meeting’s agenda is important and is used as a road map for plotting revenge on other writers and a chance to impress the site’s owner, dimwitted Mark Lowton.

Part of the December meet-up is when all Cabal members play slap-back…each telling the other how great their writer’s skills are and how fucked up the other writers on the site are. The other writers are usually referred to as mere underlings that refuse to pay homage to the ruling elitists, or seperated out as under-talented ‘Mericans who dare write for a British site.

The defining moment this week was when the usual insecure and paranoid Gary posted two threads on the Spoof Forum that went unanswered. That’s right, none of his sworn soulmates replied! To Gary, that act of ignoring him was an outright rebuke on the grandest scale!

Gary’s mind raced with possibilities….Were they talking about him behind his back! Were they laughing? Maybe, even at the pub crawl, they were plotting the greatest of putdowns and that was to basicaly ignore him? Did they realize he was truly a no-talent idiot? Was it his terrible grammar and spelling? Did he smell? Was he supposed to have sex with Colonel Juan while dressed as little Boy Blue?

So today Gary Hoadley wiped the tears from his eyes and the ‘brown’ from his nose and simply quit by saying his usual and simple….Bye.

Of course, he hopes deep down inside the Cabal will comeback and beg and plead for him to return. Then as before, once again Gary will slink back from his self-imposed doghouse, with his little puppy-dog tail between his legs and gladly roll on his back while lapping furiously on the shoes of the Cabal as he pees all over himself in gratitude.

5 Responses to “World’s Biggest Baby Has Temper Tantrum….Again!”

  1. Lady Godiva

    Dec 13th, 2011

    Bloody hell….I thought this was a joke until I popped over to The Spoof and saw that Arm has REALLY said ‘Bye’ again.

    When the hell did the moaning bugger last write a decent story? Has he EVER written a decent story?

    Should WE offer to take him under our ‘collective wing’.


  2. Lady Godiva

    Dec 15th, 2011

    Well f**k me…..Not literally y’all.

    Arm left on the 12th and returned on the 14th according to the Discussion Forum.

    Guess he managed to get his panties out of his ass crack once again (or whoevers’ panties were stuck up there).

    OK…any bets on WHEN Gary will say ‘Bye’ again?

    I’m going for ‘within 12 days’ this time around.

  3. Lady Godiva

    Dec 16th, 2011

    I really should have gone with my intutition.

    Arm only said goodbye so that one of us would write a story about him…clever sod was on the ball for once. It’s splashed all over one of the discussion forum threads. (In between the lines of course…the way they usually write over there. So they can deny it when accused!)

    So, Ian, have a Merry Christmas and keep coming back to read……

    By the way, when Gary wrote ‘to’ he really meant ‘too’ most of the time.

  4. Captain america

    Dec 16th, 2011

    ….sigh… The long goodbye….some folks never know how to
    Leave gracefully….awkward, EH?

  5. Lady Godiva

    Dec 16th, 2011

    No Cap. Skoob and Arm planned that little ‘girly game’ just for US and they wonder why they keep getting their Slimey Limey Arses kicked…..They whine about us and then try out their ‘mind games’ rather than writing Creative Stories.

    Gary was only PRETENDING to say Goodbye yet again. He’s not screaming for attention from his gay buddies – THEY wanted the attention from us…never mind…guys…at least it gets them over here to read …. right??? The more we write about them the more views we will get from writers of The That’s a GOOD thing isn’t it?

    Welcome back Cap.

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