Man Offers Sex For McNuggets: Allegedly Propositioned McDonald’s Drive-thru Customers

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Leaky's first love is still mountain oysters with the pubic hair still on them.

Burbank, CA – (

This couldn’t have been a very happy meal after all and one has to wonder what the surprise gift might have been.
Police arrested a man outside a McDonald’s in Burbank, Calif. after he allegedly offered sex to a customer in exchange for his chicken McNuggets, The Burbank Tattler reports.

Leaky Lowton, known as a local panhandler to police, supposedly opened customers’ car doors near the drive-through window on Jan. 11, The Burbank Tattler says.

One man called police after Leaky said he’d have sex if he gave up the breaded and fried pieces of poultry that he’d just purchased. According to the fast food window manager, Clive Morgan, the shocked man allegedly turned down the proposition.

Police arrested Lowton for suspected prostitution, media reports say. The man claims he has an addiction for fried foods and the ‘devil’ made him do it.

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  1. captain america

    Jan 19th, 2012

    …people were driven to extreme sexual cravings when their appetite for ‘Twinkies’ was thwarted when the company declared bankruptcy
    after the EU cited them for Health ‘n Safety Issues, even driving an underground market…additcts said they were forced to ‘eat anything’
    to make up their kinky diet as seen by this recent post from an addict:

    Twinkies in the UK? ?
    “I know I can import twinkies or get them from a supplier but is there a cheaper alternative in the UK? If so where from, what are they called and how much? I’m willing to barter…”

    Leaky from Dorking

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