Brit Muslim Mom Beats Son To Death Over Quran Lessons

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Neighbors said little Mohamed hated getting hit with the cricket bat.

Neighbors said little Yaseen hated getting hit with the cricket bat.

London(UK)- (

On Monday, an English judge sentenced a woman he called a “devoted and loving muslim mother” to at least 17 years in prison for beating her son Yaseen to death after he failed to memorize passages from the Quran.

A jury at Cardiff Crown Court in Wales convicted 33-year-old Sara Ege last month of murdering 7-year-old Yaseen and burning his body in a garbage pit to destroy the evidence.

Judge Wyn Williams said Ege beat Yaseen repeatedly over the head with a cricket bat daily for several months, causing internal injuries.

He said that, on the day he died in 2010, Yaseen had been kept home from school to memorize verses from the Muslim holy book, and that his failure “was the trigger for the rigorous beating” that finally killed him.

Students from Cardiff Elementary school where young Yaseen was an off and on student testified that they recalled seeing the lumps and bruises on his head and that at times he wore a hoodie to school to hide his hideous injuries.

Yashim El Jager, an attorney for Sara Ege, claims the boy was dull-witted, watched Wiley Coyote cartoons all the time, and deserved to be beaten, as is the Islamic custom, and that Sharia Law would allow Miss Ege to beat him with any handy instrument including a professional cricket bat.

Ege’s responsonse to the charges were, “Well, he never really complained that much. I thought he liked all the attention!”

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  1. Captain america

    Jan 9th, 2013

    …getting beat over the head with facts didn’t help Obama to learn much about America either…

    …as for Joe Biden, perhaps one concussion too many??

    ,,,,by the way, you can’t blame the womn, it’a just their version of
    ‘planned parenthood’ ( a million aborted in 3 years…I think they’re on commission …and they called VN vets ‘baby killers’…over here they give them a parade and invite them to the inauguration! Priceless!

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