Tense Moments At Popular Spoof Site As Pedofile List Set To Be Released To Public

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Sevile recalled tender moments when he bathed along with Ian and tauight bhim how to make  'naughty bubbles' in the tub.

Sevile recalled tender moments when he bathed in his luxurious bathtub along with little Ian age 8 and taught him how to make
‘naughty bubbles’.

Portsmouth(UK) – (SatireWorld.com)

Thousands of pages of information gathered over the BBC’s investigation into alleged child abuse by Jimmy Savile are set to be made public on Friday, much to the worry of a popular British spoofer’s site called…The Spoof! Most annoyed is the reported offspring of the accused pedophile, a once popular writer on the British humour site.

The decision to publish the evidence was taken after an internal BBC review called Scotland Yard’s decision to drop its investigation into child sex claims against the late television star “seriously flawed”.

Some 3,000 pages of emails, interviews and submissions from BBC executives and spoof journalists, including correspondence between Savile and his reported illigitimate son, spoof writer Ian Y, will be put up online.

Mr. Y, who bears a striking resemblance to Savile, is a on-again/off-again contributor on the popular tongue-in-cheek website, The Spoof.

Ian Y is most known for his part as a contributing writer for the recently published Dorking Till Drunk Review, heralded as the worst piece of literature since Piers Morgan’s compilation of Knock-Knock jokes published in 1999.

Y’s first book, ‘Fun Bathing With Da,’ broke sales records in Chelsea. Home to England’s notorious pedophile community noted for their ardent support of Savile over the past years, who in fact, made him an honorary ‘Mayor’ back in 1988.

A police investigation last year concluded that Savile was a predatory sex offender who abused youngsters as young as seven for more than 50 years, using his fame to rape and assault victims on BBC premises, in schools and hospitals.

Recently, a well-known pop star admitted that Sevile ‘plucked his feathers’ in 1960, a short few years before he formed a rock group that would soon rocket to international fame.

The BBC self-review was set up last year to examine whether management failings were responsible for the decision to shelve the six-week investigation into claims of sexual abuse against Savile in December 2011.

Savile, known for his catchphrases, garish tracksuits, pork pie hat, huge cigars, and garish jangling jewelery, died in October 2011 aged 84 from an unspecified illness.

Alongside his broadcasting work, the platinum-haired Savile raised huge sums for charity, for which he was knighted by the Queen who made tabloid headlines after the ceremony because she reportedly washed her sword with alcohol immediately afterwards.

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