60s Rock Group Procol Harum Denies Involvement With Nigerian Kidnappers

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The Procol Harum rock group in 2001.  Membersay theyu've never been anywehere near Nigeria and hate guns.

The Procol Harum rock group in 2001. Member say they’ve never been anywhere near Nigeria, haven’t had a negro band member ever, never rode a camel, and hate guns.

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The vintage British rock group Procol Harum denied any connectiuon with the Islamic fundalmentalist and terror group Boco Harem, a terrorist group who has admitted to kidnapping up to 300 teenaged girls and holding them against their will.

First there was the petition by MoveOn.org to prevent the US government from listing Boko Haram as a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. Then there were the efforts by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to do to same two years ago, which is highly significant, since in US law it is the State Department that makes the determination as to whether or not a given group should be formally given terrorist status.

No one is more affected than other groups with a similar name and now a spokesman for Hillary Clinton has stepped up adding that “the Secretary had concerns if she listed the group as a terrorist group it would affect Procol Harum’s future record sales.”

Here is Boko Haram’s spokesman Abu Qaqa on who they are and what they want:

“We wish to reiterate that our crusade is not for personal gain; it is meant to ensure the establishment of an Islamic state by liberating all Muslims from the excesses of the infidels… The bottom line of our struggle is to set the Muslims free from enslavement. We only kill unbelievers.”

A spokesman for Procol Harum says….’Any connection drawn from our 1960’s hit ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ has nothing to do with racism and those terror leaders shouldn’t connect our free expression to us acting as infidels.’

Of course we’re talking about that ‘religion of peace’ and any reference to it’s being just a barbaric cult pretending to be a legitimate religion of love and universal understanding shouldn’t be confused.

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