Kate Middleton Vows To Have Royal Baby Live on Downton Abbey

by on 06/03/15 at 6:53 am

Hoping to deliver her 'bun-in-the-oven'  live on  TV's Downton Abbey, Kate Middleton arrives on the set in time for tea.

Hoping to deliver her ‘bun-in-the-oven’ live on TV’s Downton Abbey, Kate Middleton arrives on the set in time for tea.

Downton Abbey Character

Downton Abbey character, tart-tongued Lady Violet Crawley, helps boil water for the delivery but not before she uses half of it to make a pot of Earl Grey tea.

Downton Abbey, England – (satireworld.com)

A real-life royal birth is coming to the Crawley residence! Satireworld confirms that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will visit the set of Downton Abbey on the day she’s supposed to deliver her royal baby.

According to Satireworld, the 8-months-pregnant Duchess will dress as an actor, then be in a scene in the servants’ quarters during a scripted ’emergency labor’ procedure’ endured by a Downton maid. Middleton, who has hundrdds of real-life servants, says hubby Prince William is delighted over the clever way to introduce Britons to the newest royal baby.

Prince William, a fan of the Downton, will also be shown around the studio by the show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, and will meet the costume designers and makeup artists that work the wildly popular series. There will also be a reception held for the very pregnant Duchess where she will greet Downton Abbey cast members, writers and producers prior to dressing for her part as a scullery maid who is secretly pregnant but not married in a wildly anticipated season-ending segment of the popular series.

Prince William says the producers will have a real medical staff including a physician standing by, but he’ll look away during the really yucky parts.

Look for the series on PBS on Sunday evening.

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