Entire British Website Embraces Islam

by on 17/05/15 at 8:43 am

Youngs (aka Martin Shuttlecock) has also been Wiccan, Presbyterian, an African Witch doctor, and a life member of the frequent wankers club.

Youngs (aka Martin Shuttlecock) has also been Wiccan, Presbyterian, an African Witch doctor, and a life member of the Portsmouth Frequent Wankers Club. Most deem him harmless and just another drunk cunt way over his prime.

Portsmouth (UK) – (satireworld.com)

A Muslim covert who was beaten rather severely several times for trying to impose sharia law on British websites claims to have converted numerous writers to a radical form of Islam during his time working patrons at various local pubs in the evening hours according to the Times.

Speaking to tonight’s BBC Panorama program, Ian Youngs, who has taken the Islamic name El Whatta Jagcough, said that The Spoof readers and owner were powerless to stop him converting fellow writers.

“Mark Lowton witnessed people become Muslim and in front of him, I was giving them all what we call Shahada-badda-bing-bong, an invitation and acceptance of Islam,” he said.

“They was [sic] becoming Muslim in front of the owner and he felt sort of powerless…Ha ha. They said I was trying to divide Muslims from non-Muslims, trying to get them to follow an extreme version of Islam.”

Youngs (el Jagcough) adds that he was banned three times in the space of year as owner Mark Lowton tried to disrupt his activities. “I was just posting me usual snotty crap and he banned me the buggering cunt!”

Young was banned three times after his ‘sharia vigilante’ activities saw him threaten readers and other websites if they did not seem sufficiently Islamic. He and three other converts, el Juan, Joe Camel, and a dude named Islam Gary formed a self-styled “Muslim Patrol” posting videos on YouTube showing them confronting people who were drinking on the street, women dressed ‘immodestly’ while on buses, and were also screaming ‘kill the non-believers’ into paper tubes while masturbating at several black-only clubs.

Youngs was convicted of actual bodily harm after getting into a fistfight with a black member, and was given a court order forbidding him from promoting sharia law for five years.

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  1. Bargis

    May 17th, 2015

    well, that hits the nail right on the head

  2. Patriot Girl

    Aug 24th, 2015

    Haw haw! This piece is actually pretty damn accurate concerning Pisslam in UK! The white Brits are pissed off that they’re (Mooslems) are so numerous, ungrateful, vicious, welfare scroungers that want to destroy Britain and implement sharia law! If they hate it so much they need to self deport themselves back to the shit hole they crawled out of! But then there’s no free goodies in those shithole and GASP! They would have to work! Kudos to whomever found the picture of the ugliest white convert of Pisslam! I think it’s the piggy nose( oh no pork!) and ginger beard that make this guy so horrifically ugly to look at! But I’m sure he’s already been fixed up with a bag headed beauty or two for his pleasure and procreating duties!

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