The Religious Food Police Have Arrived

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..But eating dog is good!

..But eating dog is good!

Let's get this straight now....Eating BBQ'd pork is bad...

Let’s get this straight now….Eating BBQ’d pork is bad…

London UK – (

You knew it was coming, as the United Kingdom (UK) has again succumbed to “political correctness” with respect to Muslim Immigrants. The nation that defiantly stood alone against the NAZI’s at the beginning of WWII may ban Ham Sandwiches, Bangers and Sausage Rolls from office kitchens for being “offensive!”

A “Nutter” Professor of Faith and Public Policy at Goldsmiths, University of London (a very left leaning school), is writing up a set of voluntary (at first) guidelines to be forwarded to several employers, such as: 1) employers should consider the office worker’s religious affiliation before allowing certain foods to be placed in the fridge alongside other products, especially in kitchens that are shared, e.g. banning pork products like ham and sausage rolls; 2) alcohol should not be served at corporate events in case it upsets members of certain faiths; 3) It would be good etiquette to avoid heating-up foods in Microwaves that might be prohibited for people of other faiths; and 4) don’t put Kosher or Halal and other special foods next to another (Treif food) or, God forbid, on the same plate.” (Have you seen any Jews in London, who have lived in the UK for hundreds of years, protesting lately or is the professor trying to cover his dictatorial ass?)

The UK Separation From Religion Foundation (SFRF) convened a meeting of several employers and some of their office workers to discuss a leaked copy of the proposed guidelines. (The UK has no single written Constitution, with a Bill of Rights guaranteeing separation of business and religion.)

Employers wanted to know the financial impact on their businesses, e.g. two kitchens, two refrigerators, two microwaves, two sinks etc.

Several office workers stated their concerns: 1) a Hindu originally from New Delhi India desired a separate refrigerator and microwave because of beef sandwich storage and the cooking of cow parts; 2) a Transcendence believer originally from South Africa, a Vegan, desired separate appliances for all her food handling needs; and 3) other UK citizens such as Buddhists, Shintoists and Indian Sikhs also weighed in with special food handling requirements.

By this time the employers gathered in the room were pretty perturbed to say the least about the possible numbers of duplicated kitchen appliances and sets of dishes or paper plates they would have to purchase!

SFRF members cited that In the USA, the City of Minneapolis MN Muslim immigrant cab drivers wouldn’t carry passengers toting pork products or alcohol in their cabs. The city Taxi Commission told them, using the quaint British expression, “Piss Off” or no license to drive a cab!

SFRF members also cited Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, writers of the US Constitution, with respect to the First Amendment’s Separation of Church and State (and Business). SFRF recommended to the employers that a feasibility study be conducted by the “Nutter” Professor and associates at Goldsmiths, University of London in their own office spaces with foreign exchange students. A final report to be produced in ten years time should be sufficient.

The UK employers wanted to tell the “Nutter” Professor what to do, using the quaint American expression, “Go Pound Sand!”



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    Oct 9th, 2015 about everyone eats each other! At least the hungriest will get rid of at least 50% of the whiners!

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