To Brexit or not to Brexit, that is the Question

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Mar Lowton promises top ban any Englishman who votes to exit the  European Union.

Mark Lowton promises to ban any Englishman who votes to exit the European Union.

London UK-

United Kingdom (UK) citizens will vote on June 23, 2016 to decide whether or not they want to remain a part of the European Union (EU). The pros and cons of a British exit (Brexit) from the EU are being discussed vigorously in Pubs, homes, offices and other locations all over the British Isles.

Mr. T Jefferson an American businessman from Virginia on vacation in London boarded an Underground train on his way to see WWII Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s subterranean headquarters. He sat down next to a man repeatedly mumbling “to Brexit or not to Brexit that is the question.” After awhile the man, obviously a British subject, introduced himself as O Cromwell and apologized for being annoyingly rude.

After some chit chat about Mr. Jefferson being on holiday in the UK, Mr. Cromwell indicated he was a retired British Army officer and now a Tory (Conservative) Member of Parliament (MP). He indicated he is fed up with the manner the EU, located in a foreign Capital City, Brussels Belgium, deprives the UK of the following:

  • Freedom to make stronger trade deals with other nations.
  • Freedom to spend UK resources/taxes (presently spent through EU membership) in the UK to the advantage of our citizens.
  • Freedom to control our national borders.
  • Freedom to restore Britain’s special legal system.
  • Freedom to deregulate the EU’s costly mass of laws.
  • Freedom to make major savings for British consumers.
  • Freedom to improve the British economy and generate more jobs.
  • Freedom to regenerate Britain’s fisheries.
  • Freedom to save the National Health System (NHS) from EU threats to undermine NHS by homogenizing healthcare across the EU.
  • Freedom to reduce welfare payments to non-UK, EU citizens.
  • Freedom to restore British customs and traditions.

Mr. Jefferson indicated that the same situation is occurring in the USA, via our current Democratic (Liberal) President Barack Obama, resident in a bubble inside the Washington DC Beltway.

However, 242 years ago the 13 British colonies located in North America had a similar problem with your King George III and they threw a “Boston Tea Party.” Mr. Cromwell you might want to get a few of your retired British Army buddies together for a Belgium Tea Party prior to the Brexit vote. Dress up like Robin Hood and his men, then toss a few bottles of Belgium beer and Belgium Limburger cheese into the English Channel and see what transpires!


Reference:, June 16, 2016

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