Hillary Pleads Congenital Amnesia About Amanda Knox

by on 18/09/16 at 6:31 pm

Grammy Foxy Knoxy....Hmmm

Grammy Foxy Knoxy….Hmmm

Washington AC/DC – (SatireWorld.com)

She’s putting back the con into congenital amnesia in what’s thought to be a little known side effect of post-partum psychosis affecting the world’s most incorrigible liars about the existence of secret offspring they wish didn’t exist.

And now the whole sordid business is about to go viral as the European Court of Human Frights prepares to hear a megabux compensation lawsuit brought by convicted/exonerated US killer Amanda Knox against the Italian Justice Ministry.

For basically fucking up four years of her life.

Subpoena papers seen by SatireWorld reporters show a long running cloak ‘n’ dagger/smoke ‘n’ mirrors campaign by shadowy anonymous sources trying to gag what Italian prosecutors knew about Knox’s DNA stuff.

Of particular interest is independent laboratory analysis of the 27 year-old’s genome that points to Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton as her birth parents.

Commenting on the upcoming court case a genealogist at the Clinton Foundation said ‘WTF?’ today before vehemently disputing DNA data that names the Dem Party presidential candidate as Knox’s real Mom.

“Publish that garbage and prepare to feel the wrath!” Chelsea Clinton’s stylist ranted.

Gabriele Solecito is 69.

(Editor’s note: how many ‘Bills’ has Hillary fucked?)

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