Has a ‘dirty’ Brit general covered up Donald Trump’s Russian origins?

by on 10/08/17 at 9:42 am

Lord Dunbar i9n a 1988 photo.

Lord Dambuster in a 1988 photo.

London, UK – (SatireWorld.com)

A highly decorated World War III general and former UK Chief of Stuff was being quizzed at a covert location this morning following a dawn raid by officers from Operation Ratsarse.

General Sir Monty Dambusta, WC & bar – and 47,942,717th in line to the British Throne Room – was hauled from his lavish Kensington Palace grace-and-favor apartment, accused of protecting Russian Cold War alien breeding programs that cloned future world leaders.

Including Presidents of the USA.

A police statement later explained all this dastardliness was headquartered at the 30-bedroom, 36-bathroom, fifteen floor West London mansion where Dambusta had been caught shagging – uh, shredding! – ‘tricky 9/11 documents’.

Plus other awkward bits of shit.

The raid comes amid reports that old war-whorse Sir Monty was about to auction some interesting Trump Tower-issue concrete overboots – ah, evidence! – of associated cover-ups concerning dumbass ex-Trump National Security Adviser Mike Flynn – a much-prized protege of former US Secretary of Snakes General Colon Bowel.

Commenting on this fast-breaking news story a SatireWorld reporter speculated that Dambusta became a busted flush when strands of unusual DNA were identified in recovered 9/11 Twin Towers debris.

Including ‘that of at least three former United States Presidents’ who claim to actually still be alive.

“We think Al Gore stuffed all of them down a Twin Towers lift shaft,” Sergei Yablonsky from Barking, London’s Isle of Dogs commented, “before legging it sharpish to a Trump Tower bash.”

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