Over-Botoxed Bloodsucker Fails UK Security Check

by on 28/02/18 at 5:36 pm

Records show Markle doing a TSA 'pat-down' at O'hare airport n early 2014

Records show Markle doing a TSA ‘pat-down’ at O’hare airport n early 2014

London – (SatireWorld.com)

Secret service bailiffs are poised to evict Meghan Markle from her Kensington Palace safe-house after the ageing American gold digger failed a security background check.

Hunkered down in one of the country’s top taxpayer-bankrolled grace-and-favor boltholes Markle, 69, has been bullish about an upcoming life of full-blown graft following her engagement to top UK con artist ‘Prince Harry’.

Now all that meticulously-planned public purse leeching looks set to bomb following a top secret security sweep nailing the bloodsucker as a cheap Obamanation fraud.

“We think bent former US Attorney General Eric Holder crafted Meghan’s entire background profile,” a British government deep throat told SatireWorld reporters.

“A lot cheaper than recruiting another indigenous fruitcake like Princess Diana,” the former spymaster added, “but just as fucking insane.”

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  1. O’Leg Pee

    Mar 1st, 2018

    Money for old rope as Obamanation shakedown continues. Holder must be pissing himself with glee.

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