Ronco and The Franklin Mint Combine with Democratic Party on Commemorative Plate Set

by on 19/09/18 at 7:53 am

Particularly interesting is the collector's edition of the Elizabeth Warren plate which sells for $39.95.

Particularly interesting is the collector’s edition of the Elizabeth Warren plate which sells for $39.95.

Not to be outdone, the Republican party issued a plate of their own just to keep things in perspective.

Not to be outdone, the Republican party issued a plate of their own just to keep things in perspective.

Speaking of high school days and past indiscretions...The official signed collector's edition of 'OBAMA HIGH' will sell for $175.00

Speaking of high school days and past indiscretions…The official signed collector’s edition of ‘OBAMA HIGH’ will sell for $175.00

New York City, NY – (

As a fund raiser for the 2020 Presidential Election, the Democratic Party has contracted with Ronco and The Franklin Mint to release a series of commemorative plates.  They will include such famous party individuals as Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and others.

Some of the features of the plates are:

  • The Ted Kennedy plate will show the former Senator with his traditional glass of bourbon in his hand.  Dip the plate underwater, however, and you will see a picture of him swimming out of a car next to Chappaquiddick.
  • The John Kerry plate is a picture of him sailing his Tax Free boat through a sea of torn draft cards.  Sailors on the boat hold up anti-war protest signs.
  • The Jane Fonda plate will poison in United States Military member trying to eat from it.  It features the famous picture of Hanoi Jane sitting atop a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while wearing their military uniform.
  • The Nancy Pelosi plate features a picture, but you are going to have to buy it to find out what’s on it.
  • The Hillary Clinton plate has multiple features: it is only good with cold dishes (like the ice queen herself), it destroys and plates around it (like Hillary’s Whitewater enemies), and it loves to be on top of females (like Hillary and her gay lovers, such as Huma).
  • The Barrack Obama plate has strings that are attached to a puppet master Oprah Winfrey or Saul Alinsky plate (depending on which you order).
  • The Bernie Sanders plate is full of holes and will not hold water, just like his politics and pie in the sky promises.
  • The Jesse Jackson plate is thin and flimsy and will not stand up to any weight.
  • The Al Sharpton plate will only serve fried chicken if it is dark meat.
  • The Michelle Obama plate is excessively thick on the bottom.

Plates will retail for $49.95 each.  However, if you act now, you can get three plates for the discounted rate of only $179.99.

But wait, there’s more!  All orders will receive by midnight tonight will receive a free copy of a list of all facets of Obamacare that actually benefited the United States and all Obamacare promises that were actually kept.  This large sized, typed copy will fit on a standard postage stamp.

As a special bonus, the first 2500 people to order will get a free, autographed set of the famous Democatic Doobies.  One, signed by Barrack Obama, says “Choom.”  The other, signed by Bill Clinton, says “I smoked it, but I didn’t inhale.”

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