Hannah Montana And Hannah Dakota Not Related Claims Millie Mississippi

by on 11/05/11 at 6:40 am

Dick Delaware was furious upon hearing about the lawsuit and filed one of his own citing descrimination

Nat New Jersey – (SatireWorld.com)

Miley Cyrus fans rejoice!

Hannah Montana’s recent lawsuit against Hannah Dakota (Fanning) has been settled in a most congenial and civilized way…A cat fight outside one of Hollywood’s trendiest nightclubs where either one of them cannot even venture into legally!

It all started a few months ago with the tabloid revelation by Millie Mississippi, that both Dakota and Montana were suffering during the economic melt down.

Upon hearing there was another fledging starlet out there in the public eye with a similar name like herself, Montana filed suit against Dakota citing copyright infringement, defamation, trade mark infringement, and wearing a mini skirt way too high.

The state governors of both North and South Dakota and Montana also read that they were being sued for what they later called a frivolous lawsuit, fired back by accusing the antagonists of sensationalism, launching their own counter-suit.

Simplistically said, things got very messy in a very short period of time simply by having a severe case of name mixup between real people and states! Further complicating things was the entrance of pole dancer Nellie New Jersey into the foray by seeking cheap publicity for herself about an upcoming porno flick.

Within weeks, Tanya Texas, Adel Arizona, Calvin California (a trans-sexual), Wanda Wyoming, Ilsa Illinois, and Vicky Vermont all joined in the suit. So far, not one understands what the lawsuits are all about other than a chance to be cutesy with a name and to garner additional feed for their egos. Several had trouble finding their own name on a map!

Oh! Back to the cat fight… Montana finally beat Dakota, but only after Susan Sacramento stepped in, helped by her sister-in-law Helen Helena, both claiming that in state’s issues, capitol representatives need to have some input!

In Washington, Presidential staffers were tasked with a tough request from the ‘Make Barack Obama Immortal’ committe that were pondering which southern state’s name they wanted to change to the committe’s choice of ‘New Obama ‘ as a brand new state name.

Within minutes, a lawsuit was filed by self-proclaimed radical Marxist, Nora New Obama who contested the committee’s choice.

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