Mount Rushmore’s Expansion Project Finished In Time For Tourists

by on 11/05/11 at 9:24 am

Reportedly, Teddy Rosevelt's butt took the most chisel work.

National Park Service Bulletin – (

The Department of the Interior has rolled out a big celebration today as they officiate the opening of America’s first new national park in almost 40 years. In recent years budget shortfalls have curtailed expansions and inclusions into the vast national park service, but a recent endowment allowed the Park Service to put in the necessary roads and infrastructure to allow visitors.

The new park is located on the otherside of Mt. Rushmore and is fittingly called Mount Backside. According to Hemly Furguson, Head Ranger at Mt. Rushmore…”We always had the backsides of the presidents there, but no way to see them. Now with the new roads, parking, and concession stands we can cater to more visitors.”

So, how does a visitor know which presidential butt belongs to who when viewed from the rear? The Park Service has erected large signage next to each president’s butt after George Washington’s butt was mistaken for Theodore Roosevelt’s large butt by a group of Swedish tourists.

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  1. Braddon Mendelson

    Jun 4th, 2018

    It’s a butt butte!
    Thanks for the laugh.


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