Octomon Names Arnold Schwartzenegger As Father Of Her 16 Kids

by on 23/05/11 at 6:11 am

Arnold recently placed his Hummer up for sale so he can buy a bus to take all the kids out on weekends.

Hollywood, CA – (SatireWorld.com)

Nadya Suleman, better known as the notorious ‘Octomon,’ has named actor Arnold Schwartzenegger as the biological father of her 16 children. Suleman officially changed the birth certificates of all 16 children in a court move today that legally names the children after the Terminator actor.

It was widely believed that Schwartzenegger had a part in the of Suleman’s children’s birth, but friends say it weas kept low-key until a savvy reporter put two and two together. According to reporter Walter Bucket, ” Well, I kinda got the hint when she referred to several of the kids as Conan, True Lies, Terminator, Predator, and the Kindergarten Kop..Yup! That was the tip off alright!”

Arnold is in a self imposed bit of seclusion and hasn’t come forward admitting his responsibility, but a recent delivery of a semi-truck load of diapers, baby food, and clothing might have been sent as an incentive to hush things up.

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