National Park Service Urged To Find Space On Mt. Rushmore For Obama’s Face

by on 27/05/11 at 2:20 pm

Obama wanted his own mountain in the Black Hills for his face to be immortalized, but Sioux Indian leaders said no.

National Park Service, South Dakota – (

The National Park Service confirmed that Barry Obama could possibly be the first black figure carved into Mt. Rushmore. President Barack Hussein Obama had made a list of 'first things to do' as the first black President living in the White House and it seems being immortalized in stone is high on his priority list.

"My wife wanted to do a little redecorating around here, the name and the color of this home is so racist, we're going to repaint the White House all different colors and hues and rename it the 'Colored House.' Then we plan on adding a much larger porch as well."

Obama also talked about the possibility of having his face chisled onto Mt. Rushmore since he's the first ever black President.

Michelle Obama: "Only if they put it in the Black Hills and we want our own mountain…And not some small one either!"

National Park Service Rangers were looking to see if there was enough room on Mt. Rushmore for another face alongside Lincoln, Roosevelt, Washington, and Jefferson. A spot near Craggy Peak showed the best promise since the natural coloring of the rock was a dark tawny-tan and would match the natural hue of a colored man.

Ranger Bert Fluantry added, "We've found a spot, but all we can fit on the rocky space is his chin, nose and right eye. I guess we can make him look like he's playing peek-a-boo behind Jefferson. Besides, this way it will cover that ugly mole thingy and hide some of the Dumbo ears."

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