France’s Nicolas Sarkozy Whispers to Obama…”You Need Some Berlusconi Type Bunga-Bunga!”

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London, England – (

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy was caught whispering to American President Barack Obama while they were walking together outside a posh London hotel. The two leaders, and others, were to attend a state dinner sponsored by British leader David Cameron. The President was in town for the second stop of a six day visit to Ireland, England, France, and Poland.

A reporter caught the sly message the French President was whispering to Obama as camera’s recorded the American President checking out some young woman’s behind as she walked along with the VIP procession.

Sarkozy: “You need some Berlusconi Bunga Bunga my friend!”

Sarkozy was referring to the Italian Prime Minister Berclusconi’s secret word for sex…Bunga-Bunga. Of course, the premier pussy hound in Europe is Berlusconi, followed by Sarkozy himself, who’s reputation as a ladie’s man has dogged him for decades.

President Obama whispered back his reply to Sarkozy, stating that it would be un-American for a sitting president to have extra-marital sex with a foreignor and most likely be a security risk at best. Obama went on that he had all the sex he needed these days, since screwing the American public is pretty much taking up all his time.

Meanwhile, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Berlusconi planned a holiday ‘without the wifes’ at Putin’s dacha in rural Siberia. Both leaders were said to be deep in negotiations concerning ‘industrial matters’ and vowed to work to the break of dawn. Six special assistants were brought in from a Moscow ‘Hooters’ to help with preparing and serving Berlusconi’s favorite meal….Buffalo Chicken Wings and meaty breasts.

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  1. Jalapenoman

    May 30th, 2011

    But I heard that President Obama wanted to de-brief Pippa Middleton as a matter of National Security!

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