Used Jockstrap Sells For Record $350,000

by on 30/05/11 at 11:02 am

Famous San Francisco hat maker, Craig Thomas, is known for inventing the most outrageous hats worn during San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade. Thomas is gay but claims it's really a bad case of gas.

San Francisco, CA – (

At a recent international auction house, a man’s sweaty jockstrap sold for a reported $350,000. No ordinary physical supporter, this particularly innocuous looking jockstrap was the property of Bargis Tryhol, the Man With The World’s Largest Penis, and now he’s equally famous as a US Presidential contender for the 2012 US Presidential race.

The winning bid came from a San Francisco man who required his identity to be kept secret, but sources tell us he plans to make it into a hat for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade in 2012. He has made funny hats before out of a 747 airliner, a dead rottweiler, and a gut-splitting urinal!

The jockstrap was reportedly worn by Tryhol during his 2008 Olympic games bid to win the pole vault competition in Bejing China in which Tryhol brought home the Gold Medal. Tryhol recently gained national momentum with his spur of the moment entry into the national political scene by announcing his presidential candidentcy online to millions of adoring fans.

The lucky winner says he’ll sleep with it under his pillow for awhile and begin hatmaking a few weeks before the parade.

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