Exclusive First Hand Report! Wedding Night Disaster For Conjoined Hilton Twins Daisy and Violet

by on 21/06/11 at 11:58 am

Daisy and Violet grew to hate each other, but Violet soon loved to play checkers.

San Antonio, Texas – (SatireWorld.com)

For years the much anticipated Wedding Night consumation was on the minds of the Pissgum twins and the Hilton twins, Daisy and Violet. Careful planning for modesty and romance became a delicate balance as just one of the two sets of conjoined twins planned to marry one another.

The Pissgums, Percival and Buck, shared everything for all their lives. Adventures as pirates. A brief stint in the Old American West as cowboys. Even a career as circus performers left the boys closer than the perverbial Siamese Twins. In fact, they were Siamese Twins conjoined at the hip.

So when Buck met Daisy Hilton, another conjoined twin, Percival felt a little left out since he couldn't get to first base with Daisy’s conjoined sister, Violet. In the worst of the worst of bad luck, Violet Hilton was a very frustrated lesbian!

As events progressed on, Buck and Daisy planned their wedding day down to the color of table napkins, and the music the band would perform for the 100 or so guests. One last detail remained…How to arrange the wedding night!

Daisy purchased her sexy wedding negligee, a see-through pink affair with easy to open strings and matching panties that hid the thick portion of her conjoined behind.

The hotel room was spacious with a four-poster bed that could accomodate all four with room to spare. Buck and a perturbed Percival showered and scented themselves with expensive cologne. Daisy and Violet did the same. Now, the moment of truth was at hand.

The lights dimmed and soft music played on the room's speakers. The soft rustle of crisp satin sheets and the muffled groan of bed springs were the only other sounds as the foursome entered awkwardly onto the bed.

Buck reached into his pajama top pocket and pulled out a soft package and handed it to Percival.

"What is this? I ain't puttin' da rubber on fer ya!" Percival's face showed indignation.

"It's a mask. I don't want yer fruit-loop eyes checking out my bride during such a delicate time!" Buck planted a big wet kiss on Daisy’s cheek.

Daisey smiled while reached over to the table. She handed her sister a paper bag.

"I ain't putting that over my head if that's what you mean!" Violet crossed her arms and scowled at her sister.

"No! It's checkers and a checker board so you and Percival have something to do while we have our fun."

In a moment of frenzied, tangling movements Buck positioned himself atop a moaning Daisy. All that Percival could see from a slit under the mask was the head and one arm of Violet from beneath Daisy, as the lusting bride gave herself willingly to her new husband.

Violet’s one free hand moved the playing pieces across the board as both tried to concentrate on the game at hand, oblivious as they could be to shouts of 'Oh Daddy!' and the repetitive squeaking of tortured bed springs.

Percival glanced over and a thought ran through his mind and a sly smile broke…." King me!"

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  1. Captain america

    Jun 21st, 2011

    …surprised our limey reporter didn”t poke his head in and
    Chirp…”I”LL git me rubbers!”

  2. Bargis

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    yeah, but the little bugger cooks up a mean kettle of fish and chips for the lads Below Decks!

  3. Captain america

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    ..the kidney pie was a diappointment…you got to drain the piss before
    Serving it up to your shipmates!

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