Obama’s 50th Birthday Bash To Cost Attendees $35K Per Plate..Are You Invited?

by on 01/08/11 at 8:04 am

The president is all smiles about turning 50 years old, he's hoping someone brings him some butter since he's 'toast' for re-election.

Washington, DC – (SatireWorld.com)

Just when things for most middle to low income Americans couldn’t get much worse, President Obama has chosen the first day of the nation’s almost credit default to throw his 50th birthday bash at $35,000 per plate. Of course, he’s combining it with raising money for next year’s Presidential election. Obama’s actual birthday is August 4, or thereabouts depending on which birth certificate you read.

Republicans are are saying it’s the stupidest thing since Jimmy Carter’s ‘I’ve lusted after naked women’ statement way back in 1975.

“This really shows how unserious he is,” Republican Rep. Joe Walsh.“I realize it’s his 50th birthday, but he is a president who has said he doesn’t know if social security checks will go out that very same day. If that’s the case, I cannot believe he will be having a big, splashy, celebrity riddled party that very day.”

In fact, Obama recently said he couldn’t guarantee that social security checks will go out from August 3rd onward, unless a deal could be reached on raising the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit. “There may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” claims Obama during a recent televised speech at a local hospice center where dying patients were given a free bus ticket and some US Army surplus aspirin.

Democrats across the board are saying scare mongering words about the proposed budget deal, like… ‘unless a deal on our terms is reached, government services across the board will be cut and in many cases closed down.’

“My first thought was that he might have to fly to Chicago before the third because I can’t imagine airports will be open,” said Walsh. “And he’ll have to have a huge supply of candles because the lights are going to go out.

“I am amazed he will be able to have a party at all.”

Walsh said he hopes to be in Chicago on Aug. 3 himself to be with his family in case the calamity that Obama has warned about comes to fruition. “I just doubt I’ll get an invitation to the party,” he said.

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is expected to perform at the birthday celebration to be held at the historic Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.
The event will be “multi-tiered,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The Hudson concert would cost $50; admission to the party $200; a premium seat $1,000; a souvenir photo with the president $10,000; and VIP seating and dinner with Obama $38,500, a photo with Obama and a full-sized cut-ot of a very dead Osama Bin Laden will reportedly will cost $100,00.

For those on a budget,photos taken with DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, posing in her underwear will be priced at $1.50.

For tickets call 1-888-PISS ON YOU

3 Responses to “Obama’s 50th Birthday Bash To Cost Attendees $35K Per Plate..Are You Invited?”

  1. Throckmorton P. Turdblossom

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Debbie’s photos for $1.50? I’ll take a dozen. They’re cheaper than mouse traps and keep the varmints out of the barn if you tack ’em up at ground level.

    They do scare the horses a bit, but we’ll just keep their blinders on.

  2. Jalapenoman

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Wallet sized photos of that woman would scare the money right out of your pocket.

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