Obama’s Illegal Aunt Zeituni Living The Good Life In The USA

by on 05/08/11 at 8:34 am

Aunt Zeituni says, "I'm entitled, now gimmee my free stuff!" (Photo portrait free courtesy of NAACP & ACLU)

Nairobi, Kenya – (SatireWorld.com)

Remember everyone’s favorite Aunt Zeituni? If not, let me refresh you. Zeituni is from Kenya and Barack Obama’s aunt by blood. Same tribe I guess, probably from the same slum the rest of the family lives in outside Naibrobi. Seems Aunt Zeituni received a tourist visa to visit the US for a few weeeks, and just decided just to stay for another 10 years without going back.

Yes, we have the good life here. Security, great environmental stewardship, job opportunities, affordable housing, and a compassion for those citizens less fortunate in life. The tempation to stay and sample some of the largess was too great for a woman who has a strong sense of self entitlement…After all her nephew is President of the United States! Afterall, Kenya was at one time a colonized country dominated by evil rich white men!

Well, she stayed and received Section 8 housing(free), Social Security, Massachucetts Healthcare, EBT card(food stamps), and Safelink(a free government issued cell phone). All this without working a day. All without being a legal citizen. According to Auntie Zeitunu, “countries should have no borders.”

Now, Auntie Zeituni is a sickly person. She desperately needs medical care,. so in the spirit of Obama, she’s deciding to stick the American taxpayer with her dental care, her healthcare, and her living expenses too.

Another relative is faring not at as well. Half-brother to Barack Obama, George Obama lives in the slums of Nairobi and is a dumpster diver in order to survive. President and half-brother Obama nevers speaks to him. I guess sooner or later George will find enough money to obtain a travel visa and visit and ‘stay awhile.’

4 Responses to “Obama’s Illegal Aunt Zeituni Living The Good Life In The USA”

  1. Captain america

    Aug 5th, 2011

    …..it’s extended ObamaCare….page 2568 of the unread bill…

    …the Amnesty Annuity….for life!

    ..dosen’t seem fair…Monica can’t get a job and is forced to work
    Under the table….

    • Bargis

      Aug 5th, 2011

      Disgusting. Absolute disregard of America’s compassionate policies. Woman needs to be deported.

  2. Throckmorton P. Turdblossom

    Aug 5th, 2011

    She’s been all over the media for a couple of years. The INS knows that she exists. There can be only one reason that they are not picking up this criminal and deporting her: a presidential order.

    Yes, she is a criminal. She is an illegal alien and is stealing money from the U.S. taxpayers. That’s at least two crimes right there!

  3. Captain america

    Aug 5th, 2011

    TPT: you missed it!

    She’s now legal..after 4 deportation orders ignored they finally got the right judge and she got granted asylum…keep in mind she was collecting the whole time she was ordered Gone ..

    …and oh yeah…250 free phone minutes to call ‘home’

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