Carnival Corn Dog Gags Iowa Woman!

by on 04/09/11 at 6:55 pm

The corn dog went so far in it left a permanent bump of the rear of her head!

Ames, Iowa – (

It was a beautiful summer day in Ames, Iowa. The state Fair was in full swing, and thousands of patrons strolled the midway in search of the perfect summer’s dream…Good country food, fine samplings of drink, and the stalwart of carnival fare…The Corn Dog!

But for Agnes Bartbelly things were about to get very weird!
At Plutonium Pete’s Barking Schlong corn dog stand adventure awaited the unsuspecting Bartbelly. Seeing a throng of people surrounding the stand’s ordering window, Bartbelly immediately placed an order for the stand’s signature corn dog…The John Holmes Dilly of a Dog!

After foregoing the usual mustard and ketchup, Bartbelly opened wide and proceeded to take a meaty bite, but as her lips stretched around the John Holmes Dog, an errant elbow from the unruly crowd hit her on the back of her head by accident. Immediately, all slippery 12 inches was shoved down her throat.

Gagging from the ponderosa of all corn dogs, an off duty paramedic immediately helped her by withdrawing the meaty morsel. When asked if she was OK, Bartbelly replied…”Golly, I almost always use a condiment!”

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