When “Right Now” Means “Maybe Later, Bro!” in Obama Speak!

by on 19/09/11 at 12:21 pm

In his Columbia University yearbook, (which later disappered from print)Obama said he hoped to be just like 'Super Fly' after he graduated and moved to Harlem.

The White House – (SatireWorld.com)

Following his utterance over 2312 times just last week alone that ‘you MUST pass this bill, RIGHT NOW’, Obama said that, “ah…err…what I meant to say is RIGHT NOW , I’m taking another vacation!”

According to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, (D,NV) ( Nevada unemployment 14%, mortgage foreclosures 60%), the ‘bill’ has been tabled for a number of pressing reasons:

*First, the President hasn’t put pen to paper

*Because of the first, no one in Democratic circles has any idea WTF Obama has on his mind (sic)

*Third: Reid is engrossed in improving the nation’s bicycle paths. While Reid touts his concerns for taxpayer’s physical health (their economic health long considered DOA),he is urging the Senate to spare a wee bit more ‘stimulus’ money to build some more bike paths.
Among his ideas is to devote one lane of the 22 lane Los Angeles freeway for cyclists. “This will be especially helpful during rush hour and power outages,” Reid intoned.

What Reid failed to mention is what’s behind the scheme; there are more of his constituients on bikes since their cars were repossessed and the rising number of DUI’s resulting in the loss of driver’s licenses among his base,causing them to steal bikes and take to two wheels to get to the package store.

Illegal aliens who still drive their 1971 Ford pickups, and serial outlaw drivers on suspended licenses driving to and from local bars have not been affected due to
stepped up activity to preserve ‘human rights.’

*Fourth, and most important, Congress is taking yet another RECESS!

And speaking of garbage, this just in! The EU is now demanding that the UK employ
nine (9) different recycling bins in front of each residence, with pickups to be scheduled every fortnight…unless of course you don’t close your lid, place them closer than 6″ to the curb, in which case, not only will your valuable trash not be picked up, you could be fined up to $1500!

And in London, owners where squatters have taken over homes when taxpayers take a three day holiday, are not only being told they have to go to court to get the bastards out, they are also responsible for all the rubbish the squatters are throwing out in the street including their personal belongings and furnishings!

No wonder Walter Bucket has claimed he’s been rendered ‘speechless!’

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