Scientists Say Asteroid Will Hit Earth. Iran Most Likely ‘Ground Zero’

by on 05/11/11 at 3:08 pm

NASA scientist's say, the asteroid is the size of California and will do considerable damage when it hits the Earth at speeds up to 32,000 MPH.

Houston, Texas – (

Scientists at NASA forewarned civilization weeks before an asteriod the size of California would strike ‘somewhere on the planet during December. They were tracking the out of world body with a state-of-the-art telescope from atop the Empire State building in New York City.

“It’s a big one,” claims Dr. Lester Norplunk, who recent discoveries the Big Dipper and Orion gave him the nod for a Nobel Prize for astronomy in 2009.

Science can”t be certain where on Earth the heavenly object will fall, but several astrophysicists think perhaps somewhere in the Middle East, maybe Iran. To be safe, NASA has suggested that Iranians run like hell to a safer place if they notice something really, really big falling from the sky.

The impact date has been set for late November or early December depending on headwinds the asteroid might it to slow it down.

Israel has promised humanitarian aid to help Iran, their archenemy, by shipping 14 million surplus hard hats, So far, the Grand Ayatollah in Tehran says he’ll accept them prividing Israel removes the Star of David on each helmet. Director of Israeli Civil Defense, Chaim Wastersky, says the Star of David removal could take months to complete, to which the Ayatollah replied, “We’ll wait.”

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