Fool Falls and Breaks His Arm During Drunken Anti-Birthday Celebration

by on 24/11/11 at 6:08 pm

Ian Younge, aka Skoob 1999, made a fool of himself as he tried to Dance like an Egyptian at a Dorking celebration.

Dorking (UK) – (

Upon hearing of all the fun going on at SatireWorld over Captain America’s birthday, the jealous scoundrels at the decided to hold a anti-birthday bash at their headquarters in Dorking. Beer and whiskey flowed as each toasted their victory in running a once fun website into the hard cold ground. One member of the Dork’s took things a little too far by table-top dancing after consuming an immemse amount of cheap Stella beer.

Often the buffoon, founding Dork member Ian Younge showed his sort of British class by becoming so inebriated he fell from a table top after a vigorous hour of ribald dancing to amuse his friends who liken him to a ‘stewed monkey on a chain’ who begs for beers.

Medics on the scene saved National Healthcare a few pounds by not having to administer a pain killer since the drunken sot felt nothing, even with a jagged piece of bone sticking out from his shirt sleeve.

The momentary distraction barely slowed the other Dorks as they turned their amusement to Gary Hoadley who had his head in a urinal listening to the echo as he sang Scottish ballads.

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