Justin Bieber Puts Engagement Ring On Finger Of Selena Gomez

by on 08/12/11 at 10:58 am

Justin's new 'latino look' played a major part in winning her Dad's approval. Selena's Dad was hoping his daughter would marry Juan Sanchez, who worked along with him down at the tire store.

Disneyland,CA – (SatireWorld.com)

Justin Bieber, the pop princess singer whose balls have yet to drop, was seen yesterday in public with girlfriend Selena Gomez and a new attachment on her finger. The Disney Channel actress (three words that do not go well together) was spotted wearing what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring.

Gomez (19) and Bieber (17) have been an item since before he stopped teething (probably about six months ago). Though he is generally considered too young to be getting married, stranger things have happened in Hollywood with relationships (think Britney Spears or Macaulay Culkin).

The diamond on the ring was smaller than one of Bieber’s baby teeth, but large enough to represent about fifteen minutes of royalties from his record sales (to preteen, squealing girls that are probably all still wearing cartoon panties and still dream of wearing their first training bras). The diamond, however, probably maxed out his allowance for the week (which could put a crimp in his Starbuck’s habit).

When fans saw that she was wearing a ring, the girls of the New Jersey Bieber fan club attempted to contact The Sopranos to put out a hit on Selena Gomez. Told that it was just a cancelled television show, they promised to find a real life mobster who could take out their rival for Justin’s affections. It seems that getting married does tend to put a crimp in the career of the young male heartthrob (just ask Donnie Osmond, whose successful television show went from first to worst in the ratings after his marriage in the late 70’s).

Justin Bieber was unable to talk with reporters and answer their questions about the apparent engagement ring as it was his nap time and because he isn’t allowed to talk to strangers. A press conference, however, is scheduled for later in the week. Press credentials will only be issued to those who buy his latest record and a season dvd of The Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena Gomez could not be reached for comment either, as Justin’s mom had asked her to go to the store to pick her son up a new package of pull-ups training pants.

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