SEAL Team 6 Memoirs Reveals The Photo Of The Mysterious Team Member Who Actually Shot Bin Laden

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Citing a bad case of loose bowels, president Barack Obama had ex-president George W Bush lead the SEAL team 6 raid that killed Bin Laden.

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History was re-written today when Cmdr. David Montgomery’s tell all book concerning the successful Navy SEAL Team 6 raid on the Osama Bin Laden compound last year. It seems it was lead by a former president and he’s the one that plugged Bin Laden with a carefully aimed head shot.

The raid was to be originally lead by Barack Obama, and was part of a larger plan to help revive his presidency and falling poll numbers. Pentagon officials even displayed the 1,000 lb fully armored war suit especially designed for Obama to wear while terrorist hunting with the US Navy SEALS. The $3 million dollar suit was still in it’s factory wrappings since the Commander-in-Chief complained of loose bowels on the night of the raid.

Pentagon war planners realized the short window of opportunity in raiding Bin Laden’s compound, but a quick phone call to the Crawford Ranch in Texas saved the raid when ex-president George W Bush volunteered to land with the raiding party. The only condition for Bush was he had the first shot a the terror leader.

“He was cool and composed and really let him have it, ” says Mike D. a senior SEAL team member who helped drag the dead terror leader’s body to the helicopter.

Pentagon staffers say the ‘war suit’ will be used later this year when Obama plans to visit various Occupy Wall Street protests. The manufacturer has promised to install a highly absorbent diaper device in case the Leader of the Free World has another episode of loose runs yellow belly.

Bush had only one comment when asked how he worked through all the excitement during the raid….”It was alot like going bird hunting with Cheney,” he said.

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  1. Captain america

    Jan 25th, 2012

    …I doubt our Cmdr. in crime has ever handled a weapon in his life..
    A product of the xbox generation he’ll go down as the king of drones…
    Just another arm chair button glory and no guts…

    Chesty Puller (ret)

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