President Zero: New Budget Ups Deficit Another Whopping $1,330,000,000 ; Jesus Wept!

by on 12/02/12 at 12:17 pm

This has got to be the stupidest US president we ever had! Please, no one tell this buffoon what comes after a trillion.

The White House – (

A newly pious, and more Christian like Obama has invoked ‘my Christian faith’ and quotes Jesus as he proposes to raise more taxes saying that redistributing wealth is his Divine Right based on the Biblical teachings of the son of God.

Obama raised the specter of Jesus at the monthly Washington Prayer Breakfast saying that after asking himself, ‘what would Jesus do,’ a voice was heard telling him to ‘tax the rich, sacrifice yourself for union interests, and turn the other cheek by gutting the military.”

This suddenly new found Christian faith, after all the President has attended church services 10 times since inaugurated, but has been seen communicating with a higher being on the golf course over 90 times, seems somewhat disingenuous after bowing to muslim leaders around the world since taking office.

He has vowed to have all millionaires moved to the 30% tax bracket, seemingly ignoring the fact that the IRS tax code is 6,000 pages and contains 5.6 million words…7 times the number of words in his new source reference, The Bible.

It seems adjusting the tax code to simplify the process, and assign responsibility equitably would be the prudent thing to be pushing for, especially if you were the President of the United States.

But wait! This just in. It was announced just 2 weeks ago that 36 of Obama’s White House Aides owed $880,000 in back taxes, surpassed by 217 Senate employees that owe $2,134,500, 467 Congressional employees that owe $8,535,974, a whopping 25,640 US Postal Workers that owe $270,000,000 413 EPA officials that owe $19,473,477 and 60,799 active and retired military personnel that owe $340,000,000!

President Zero: Hmmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm!

Instead of eliminating the employment tax for two months for private sector workers, most of those government employees paying union dues should be excused from paying them for 5 years in order to pay down their tax debt! Now there’s a novel idea Jesus would surely approve!

And the IRS? Only 1,181 owe $9,303,278, indicative of the former House Ways and Means Committee chairman Charles Wrangel (sic) responsible for overseeing the tax code and who was charged with avoiding taxes for 5 years on a host of undeclared income involving rent subsidized real estate and an island get away in the Dominican Republic.

Surely no surprise then that Reverend Al Sharpton, a Wrangel NYC crony and race hustler owes the Feds at least $996,000 and the state of NY $366,000, with his only penalty being he was awarded a TV host position on MSNBC which afforded him a national platform to pillory the rich from his hypocritical pulpit. Al Sharpton, a Christian anti-semite malaprop news reader we can all believe in!

Unfortunately for Obama, there must have been a power outage an internet interruption of Holy Communication as he outraged 70 million US Catholics by having the government mandate contraceptive prescriptions be dispensed for free from any religious (read Catholic) health facilities or hospital.

Regardless of the arguments over the ‘right to life’, the government stepping into dictate to people with strong religious and personal moral convictions surely struck a nerve through out all
religious faiths in the country, and even with some non believers.

With Catholic Cardinals denouncing the edict, and declaring ‘war’ on another yet another buried sentence in the 2400 page ObamaCare Bill, (“we need to pass it to know what’s in it”..Pelosi ’08), Obama was forced to try and wiggle out from under the backlash by saying the institutions wouldn’t be held accountable, but THEIR insurance companies would be forced to dispense the birth control measures!

As the Pope was heard to say in Rome, “Same old s***, different day,” before the Church refused to cooperate leaving President Zero to wallow in his own S**** Storm.

Hopefully, a majority of the 70M Catholics will vote to ABORT President Zero in November.

Obama and his Zero Sum Game: Not one penny for defense but Trillions for Entitlement Tribute!

No wonder 3 million ‘Preppers’ are digging shelters in the ground, hoarding food, stock piling ammunition, buying silver and learning to be self sufficient.

“First they stole your vote, then they came for your food……..”

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  1. Bargis

    Feb 12th, 2012

    Obama….. NO MORE YEARS!

  2. HMS Pantiliner

    Feb 12th, 2012

    ‘people with strong religious and personal moral convictions’ – convictions? 30 years for interfering with a minor seems to be the current tariff!
    Never doubt just who Barry’s in bed with.

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