Lawyers Advise Jerry Sandusky Not To Wear Michael Jackson Fan Club T-Shirt To Sentencing

by on 22/06/12 at 12:20 pm

When it was revealed that Sandusky became a pitch man for Little Weiners, it didn’t go over real well with jurors

Harrisburg, PA – (

Lawyers on the defense team of former Penn State Football Coach Jerry Sandusky have advised the accused child rapist/molester not to wear his Michael Jackson Fan Club t-shirt to his sentencing or to any more court appearances. Sandusky is currently awaiting a verdict on 48 counts of rape and child molestation that have supposedly occured over the course of many years, all with young boys.

When asked why he would even consider wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt, Sandusky said that “Michael died three years ago on the 25th of June. I am just trying to memorialize him because he also faced similar charges in his life.”

Even though his attorneys are encouraging him to wear a business suit to all court appearances, Sandusky is also considering wearing a red suit and a single sequined glove. He told his cell mate that he “wanted to be bad and give Billy Gene (not Billie Jean, but short for William Eugene) a thriller!”

Thus far, there is insufficient evidence to support the rumors that Sandusky was the president of the Michael Jackson Fan Club at Penn State University.

We have also been unable to verify his statement that, even though he coached on the defensive side of the ball, his favorite players were always the tight ends.

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