Woman Gets Nasty Surprise When Logging Onto Spoof’s Writer’s Forum Pages

by on 05/07/12 at 11:43 am

‘Is There Something Dead In Here?’ Angie Phelps had a nasty surprise when she logged onto the Spoof’s writer’s forum pages

London(UK) – (SatireWorld.com)

All Angie Phelps wanted to do was to check out her first spoof news headline story she posted a few days ago. When she saw there were several comments on her first story, she excitedly logged onto the Writer’s Forum to see what others had to say.

To her surprise she was being sandbagged by the clique of writers who show distain to even fledgling writers. Several went as far as to say she should quit writing all together… even writing her name on a check!

Several mocked her story and style and lambasted her attempts to defend herself.

“All I wrote about was my 3 month old kitten Heloise and how she was caught up a tree,” related Angie to stunned friends who looked forward to her stories about her cat, “but those bullies made fun of me!”

Site bullying is a problem on a site managed and owned by spoofmeister Mark Lowton, and for years Lowton has allowed a select few to virtually run his site in his absence, often causing aspiring writers to simply quit or look elsewhere. Those that don’t are usually set-up for being banned from the site for trivial infractions such as protesting unfair practices against other writers.

Even veteran members have left for greener pastures as the insults and put-downs reached epidemic portions resulting in moderators having to be appointed in a attempt to reel in the freewheeling cabal of snotty and anal writer antagonists.

Standings in the community have sufferded as vies-per-day have markably declined in the past year as readers turn elsewhere for satire and faux news.

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  1. captain america

    Jul 6th, 2012

    ….Close knit Scousers, them! Not a friendly place for Colonists or women….first the sly innuendos, than the ridicule, than the C & F words in a well planned insidious attack…if there had been a moderator, or an editor who cared and had a back bone, all the past unpleasantness and flaming never would have got started and led to the the current decline in forum posts and feeling of good natured universal camaraderie that existed 2 years ago…

    Pity That….Pity THEM!

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