DOJ Mulls Extradition of Christians on Egypt’s Kill List for “Peace in Our Time!”

by on 19/09/12 at 7:32 am

The practioners of the religon of ‘love and peace’ promise to treat all Christians with dignity and also promise to use a new sword to cleanly chop off their heads

Cairo, Egypt – (

Egypt’s new President for Life, Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Murderhood called Hussein Obama on the carpet in a late night phone call demanding he turn over a host of Christian ministers and ‘hate mongers’ in exchange for calling off demonstrations through out the world.

Leading from behind, Obama reportedly turned the challenge over to left hand decision maker Valerie Jarrett who in turn has put the heat on Attorney General Eric Holder, who in turn called up the entire Journalistic Staff at Media Matters as he looks for a scenario to spin the decision to give up American Citizens to face Sharia Justice!

Leaks from within the DOJ claim that not only is mad as a shit house rat Florida pastor Terry Jones and 7 Coptic Egyptian Christians on the list, but along with them Morsi has named Billy Graham III, Mike Huckabee and spoofer Jalapenoman Man as “Enemies of the State” demanding justice for “Peace Loving Muslims around the World.”

The mainstream media including certain UK Satire Sites were quick to back Egypt’s demands, putting additional pressure on the Administration to comply.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is said to be ‘all in’ on the appeasement measure, and her #2, Hummer (sic) Weiner is said to be acting as a go between with her mother who is representing Egypt’s demands as head of the Muslim Sisterhood, not to be confused with the other hysterical menopausal group who put on the stage play “The Vagina Chronicles.”

Weiner was said to have personally listed Jalapenoman after a series of stories mocking her husband A. Weiner (sic) for his flagrant weenie wagging as a democratic congressman in NY whilst funneling additional classified information to the Murderhood through his wife.

Hummer (sic) was said to be incensed after a Utube submission went viral when the spoofer said “I love the smell of burning bacon in the morning, ” a statement greeted with riots in the UK and resulting in the censorship of all satire stories referring to Muslim Hate crimes and sharia justice in the UK media based on the one way interpretation of ‘Human Rights imposed by the European Union and certain unelected editors.

Also on the table is Morsi’s demand that the US release the ‘Blind Sheikh” Omar Adbel Rahman who is doing life in the US for his part in the first World Trade Center bombing.

Morsi in a quid pro quo said in exchange for the terrorist, he would expedite the recovery and repatriation of all ‘current and future dead Americans accidentally killed from collateral damage during peaceful demonstrations in Egypt.” Morsi said the deal did not include dead Americans killed in London, Sydney, downtown Detroit, Tunisia, Bangkok, Berlin, Jordan, Somalia, Palestine, Kabul, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Paris, Rome,
Iceland or even Newfoundland.

Joe Biden is said to be ‘on board’ telling Obama, “This is a big F***g deal, and probably the best we can expect considering your foreign policy!”

Considering that the Homeland Security Agency just put in an emergency requisition for 450 million rounds of special ammunition suited for long range sniping, Washington wags consider Egypt’s demands a ‘done deal’, especially since the Democrats recently removed God from the party’s platform, and now seem determined to remove Christians from the country!

UK reporter Howard Worth contributed in a ‘big way’ on background to this story.

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