White House Psychologist: Obama Addicted to Snuff Films!

by on 17/11/12 at 5:19 am

Folks over at the Smithsonian have gathered hundred of reels of prison executions from the 40′s and 50′s and sent them to the Whitehouse for special viewing sessions for staffers. The President paricularly likes the Julius and Etheyl Rosenberg prison fry film where Julius’ head exploded in flames and turds flew out his ass.

The White House Situation Room – (SatireWorld.com)

In a shocking breach of security emanating from deep in the administration, highly sensitive e-mails to the Surgeon General from the staff psychologist indicate that the President has become addicted to government sponsored snuff films!

The e-mails were discovered during a routine investigation when a Chicago socialite and a major Democratic bundler, real estate magnate and honorary ‘bag woman’ for Mayor Rahm Emanuel
notified the FBI that she had been receiving threatening e-mails from an un identified source who claimed she was Jesse Jackson Jr’s wife and wanted her to return the $42,000 Rolex he had bought her during a weekend tryst at a motel 6 in Gary, Indiana.

According to Satire World’s source at the FBI, the woman also had a cyber relationship with the FBI agent in which he was said to have become infatuated with the woman, and sent her ‘dozens’ of pictures of his unsheathed Glock 17!

Jackson is currently entertaining plea bargains involving charges he used campaign funds to redecorate his house, including velvet paintings of Reverend Wright, Rihanna, Jill Kelley, and
a nude Valerie Jarrett while also pimping out his ride by installing 54 inch chrome wheels on his Chrysler 300 C.

The Feds say they’re also ‘mildly’ interested to discover where the $42,000 in cash came from for the Rolex he gave to the woman who wasn’t his wife while entertaining her in an $18 a night motel room.

Meanwhile the enlightening e-mails from the psychologist detail the addiction by the President ever since he viewed, in real time, the execution of Osama bin Laden by Seal Team 6 in Pakistan.
According to the medical journal, Obama is said to be watching the video at least 6 times a day, and often from the TV installed in the locker room next to the Presidential Basketball court.

As if that wasn’t enough, the psychologist said the President is also fascinated with the real time
execution of Ambassador Chris Stevens in the Benghazi debacle. Another source said Obama was so mesmerized during the attack on the enclave he couldn’t be bothered to answer the ‘red phone’ call from the CIA when General Petraeus was ringing him up begging him to authorize a counter strike that would have saved 4 American lives.

According to the report Obama has a CD of every predator drone attack in Pakistan, including close up shots of the resulting collateral damage and body parts, which he recently screened while entertaining union members, Bono, and MSNBC during a discussion on the fiscal cliff calling it
‘a training aid on my economic policies going FORWARD.”

Adding to his bizarre collection, Obama was said to have ordered up the video of 4 wounded warriors getting run over by a train in Texas during a rally for veterans, the last 3 New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles games, and all of Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s TV appearances.

Said one disgruntled American Taxpayer, ” that man is one sick M****F****!

Our FBI informant would not confirm or deny rumours of the ultimate Snuff Film believed to be circulating amongst the President’s re-erection team, that of Nancy Pelosi acting dead in bed.

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