Traffic Judge Fired After Showing Off His Genital Photos To A Court Clerk

by on 15/12/12 at 7:47 am

Dinglebery's booking photo was widely used in the 'World's Ugliest Man Contest' last summer and the judge sued for royalties but lost.

Dinglebery’s booking photo was widely used in the ‘World’s Ugliest Man Contest’ last summer without permission. The judge sued for royalties but lost.


A Philadelphia traffic court judge was removed from office by a judicial ethics panel after showing a female court clerk cellphone photos of his genitals.

The Court of Judicial Discipline issued the one-sentence order Thursday in the case of Rufus Dingleberry Jr, who had been deemed to have engaged in judicial misconduct.

Dingleberry’s lawyer, Samuel Winters, called it “a one-time, accidental mistake” and said that Dingleberry resigned from the bench in February. He said Dingleberry is now working, got married this year and is moving on with his life.

“The court looked at all available sanctions, looked at past cases, and it selected removal,” Winters said. “Surely it knew that he had already resigned.”

According to Winters, Dinglbery and the woman were showing each other content on their cellphones when, “for a matter of seconds,” she saw the photos in question. The board complaint said Dingleberry asked the woman, “Do you like it?”

She replied, “Let me get a magnifying glass.”

Dingleberry, a pastor who founded a West Philadelphia church, won office despite having a suspended driver’s license because of $11,000 in traffic-related fines, which he said he later paid.

He was previously reprimanded for a 2007 video posted online that showed him suggesting to campaign donors at a biker rally in the city’s Malcolm X Park that they would find a “hookup” in his court. Campaign rules prohibit judge candidates from such solicitations, and Dingleberry apologized.

“I was in preacher mode,” he said. “I do admit I chose a poor
set of words.”

Dingleberry was fined $75.00 court costs and must attend a cell phone etiquette course sponsored by the state.

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