UK Guardian Pushes for ‘Understanding’ and Minority Status for ‘Oppressed” Pedophiles!

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Savile foundly recalls bouncing a young Martin Shuttlecock on his knee..."He had the most God-awful dirty diapers!"

Savile foundly recalls bouncing a young Martin Shuttlecock on his knee…”Little Marty loved it when we played horsey!”

London(UK)- (

Implying that the late unlamented pedophile Jimmy Savile brought “joy and happiness’ to underprivileged children in care facilities, the liberal British rag came out of the closet in support of granting ‘minority status’ to serial pedophiles in order to protect their ‘rights.’

This aberrant support for the abuse of children is merely the latest ‘uman rights manifesto emanating from the social misfits governing the European Union, which has also taken a strong foothold, especially in the colonies along the North East, and the far left bank in America.

For years courts in Massachusetts and Vermont have outraged citizens over their coddling of repeat abusers of children in a sexual manner.

One such cretin went to far in his defense that it wasn’t his fault as he was ‘seduced.’ By a 7 year old. (He was addicted to Honey Boo-Boo)

Others, more numerous lately, claim the sexual activity was ‘consensual,’ or done whilst ‘sleep wanking” (sic)

Over in Britain the Guardian interviewed numerous abusers who claimed ‘no harm was done’ in the ‘relationships.”

There have been so many fringe groups granted ‘minority status’ over in the states, it is near impossible to fire anybody caught in aberrant behavior, on or off the job, no matter if their job places them directly in contact with the subject of their sick fantasies.

A few cases in point:

“Vermont – judge sentences child molester to 60-days in jail (he molested a girl for 4 years!) Why? He needs therapy & the prison won’t provide it.

Nebraska – judge refuses to send child molester to prison (victim was 12) because he’s only 5′ 1″ & that would make him a target for other inmates. He gets 10 years probation.”

Please also note the astronomical rise in female teachers having sex with their teen age male students,both here and across the Pond.

Judging by the looks, dress and demeanor of the teachers I had in my youth, I’m lucky I wasn’t scared into staying a virgin as long as Tim Tebow!

As they say, “Youth is wasted on the young!”

Be that as it may the new movement by the militant teachers’ union to lower the age of consent to 7 is going a mite too far…even for the Kardashians despite their mother pimping them out even earlier than that.

It’s always the old adage, “Money makes the world go round!”

And this just in: GOP senators insist bidet be installed if ‘that arse hole Barney Frank
gets appointed to interim Senate Seat.” (sic)

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  1. Captain america

    Jan 7th, 2013

    .ha! Even beat Llimbaugh on this story by a full day!

    He spent quite a bit of time on whats in store for us all
    with the ‘new normal sexual oriantation’…

    He won’t admit it,but Ithink he lurks on this site!

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