Kim Jong Un Invites Jane Fonda To Visit North Korea

by on 05/04/13 at 9:03 pm

Hanoi Jane, age 77, says her best days are behind her.  Vietnam vets said that 45 years ago!

Hanoi Jane, age 77, says her best days are behind her.
Vietnam vets said that about Fonda 45 years ago and hope if she does head to North Korea, some special forces guy puts a laser designator beam on her commie ass!

Pyongyang, North Korea – (

Kim Jong Un, current dictator of North Korea, has invited “Hanoi” Jane Fonda to visit his country. The actress, exercise video star, and political activist is most famous for her stance on the Vietnam War and her treasonous acts towards the United States Government and individual American soldiers during that conflict.

Kim Jong Un said through an interpreter that “I’d like to see her sit on one of our tanks and have her picture taken. She needs to visit and see what a happy, peace loving people we are compared to the baby killers of her homeland. I would also like it if she was to come and wear her leotards and help my soldiers with their aerobic training. Finally, she needs to embarass her military and her country and be willing to take the terms of the U.S.A. surrender back to her government before I launch my missiles.”

“I know that she can reveal this information on the American television program about the papparazzi that is named for the demilitarized zone betweek North and South Korea: DMZ!” (Author’s note: I think they meant “TMZ”)

“I plan on capturing and torturing a few U.S. Navy Seals or shooting down some Air Force pilots and then caning or waterboarding them for a while. Then, Hanoi Jane (who I plan on renaming Pyongyang Jane) can tell everyone that they are all receiving humane treatment and are liars.”

Fonda could not be reached for comment as she was on a romantic weekend getaway with filmmaker Michael Moore.

In a related story, Paramount Pictures announced that they have signed Lindsay Lohan to star as the granddaughter of Jane Fonda’s character in a sequel to be titled “Barbarella 2: Sexting in Zero G.”

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