President Obama to Open a Shoe Shop

by on 17/06/13 at 4:53 pm

Of course down at the Obama Shoe Store's lingere section Bill Clinton helps a customer....

Of course down at the Obama Shoe Store’s women’s section Bill Clinton tries to persuade a customer to try a few pumps…..

Chicago IL- (

President Obama upon leaving office in 2017, or before, intends to open an upscale shoe boutique in the windy city featuring a high end line of footwear.

Vice President Joe Biden is to manage the business finances, just as he did the $850 billion federal government stimulus package. The shoe lines from noted brand name manufacturers are to include:

1. Barack Obama Executive Branch left wing tip dress shoes

2. Hillary Clinton State Department cover-ups and pimps, oops pumps

3. Susan Rice UN Ambassador flip-flops

4. Erick Holder Justice Department Fast and Furious sneakers and hip boots

5. Lois Lerner Internal Revenue Service (IRS) loafers

6. Lisa Jackson Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clod hoppers and rubbers

7. Jay Carney White House Press Secretary “snow” shoes

8. James Clapper Director of National Intelligence dancing shoes

Mr. Biden indicated that a line of scandals, oops sandals is currently being investigated.

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  1. captain america

    Jun 17th, 2013

    …too bad he doesn’t have self cleaning clogs after stepping in it!

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