Jesse Jackson takes a page from Robert Mugabe: Asks for UN Sanctions against FL and redistribution of land and wealth.

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Jesse Jackson..The wannabe legacy time forgot and we wish more would forget him too.

Jesse Jackson hypocrite…Only people with low IQ’s would believe this man.

Chicago, IL – (

Jesse Jackson, legend in his own mind, and self anointed successor to Martin Luther King announced he was going ‘all in’ with a policy attacking the state of Florida which he called an ‘apartheid” entity in need of ‘reform.”

Jackson also demanded the abolishment of prison sentences, ‘stand your ground’, concealed carry, the tenant of ‘self defense, and amnesty for his jailed son and daughter in law on fraud, theft, and conspiracy charges. Reparations were also demanded.

Jackson called the state, which features no income tax, a sunny clime, low crime rate, and a relaxed attitude toward immigrants and minorities, full of ‘creepy ass old crackas” living off the backs of discriminated African-Americans (sic).

Florida is also the site of the home offices of the block buster media giant Satire World which Forbes recently said was worth 4 times the value of the Boston Globe, another mouth piece for the Obama regime which the NYT is desperately trying to dump to stem the tide of red ink.

Jackson held up the sterling example of Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe dictator responsible for mass blood shed in the deaths of thousands of his country men, dividing the country along racial lines and confiscated land belonging to a white minority which had contributed to GDP growth of 10.6-12.5% allowing the country to be known as the region’s ‘bread basket.’ Those that resisted were massacred on their own land as part of Mugabe’s “Get Whitey” campaign promoted by his complicit regime controlled media and his appointed ministers. (deja vu all over again, eh?”

Mugabe’s policies empowered and enriched his corrupt ‘advisors’, dropped GDP by 40% and led to the world’s worse hyper inflation and to a country that suddenly couldn’t feed itself.
(hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.)

Current life expectancy in Zimbabwe is 37 for males and 34 for females, a statistic Mugabe says shows he is winning the battle against having more mouths to feed than his inept agricultural policies can provide , calling the austerity policy “Winning by Subtraction” and ‘the war against obesity” policies he claims he learned from US Secretary of the Treasury Tim “tax man” Geithner and first lady Michelle Obama.

Jackson is now calling for all African American (sic) professional athletes from the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and the PGA, especially Tiger Woods, to abandon the state and move back to California so they can “pay MORE THAN their fair share, a call endorsed by Alex Baldwin, Sean Penn and Michael Moore.

Incidentally, Moore’s wife of 21 years just announced she was getting rid of a ‘heavy load’ after filing for divorce and asking for the redistribution of Moore’s estimated $50M net worth!

Meanwhile, Jesse also claimed the thousands of golf courses in the state should be confiscated and turned into profitable enterprises growing medical marijuana to take advantage of the Obama “Choom & Groom” policies, and to cut the state’s imbalance of trade with Mexico, Columbia, Panama
and the Dominican Republic.

Jackson also riled against child support, paternity suits, and alimony citing his own financial and sexual problems as being ‘unconstitutional’, racist, and discriminatory against the right to ‘procreate’ without responsibility while handing out Planned Parenthood Medical Vouchers to his interns.

Comedian Chris Rock dedicated his classic routine “I hate Niggas” to Jackson saying simply, “he and Sharpton are the reason the rest of us ‘just can’t get along.”

More after somebody ‘whoops his arse.”

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